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Combat The Cold with FoxFit

lurv | September 12, 2017

Winter Workout Tips

Tom Hose, founder of FoxFit for females, shares his expert tips for staying fit this Winter….

The Winter Workout
If you are like most – your fitness regime can be very seasonal typically reflecting weather, the colder it is the harder it is to stay on top of your healthy habits – we get it, your snooze button is a getting a serious run this winter!However the problem with this approach is your health isn’t seasonal – the key is to invest into the right mindset and correct tools to stay on track regardless of the weather, because the truth is everyone can do it and we are here to show you some tips on how.

Let’s start with-

We all know how important it is to have clarity around your fitness goals, but the problem is too many are crystal clear on the WHAT they want to achieve but typically neglect to dig deeper and ask themselves WHY they want to achieve this set goal? For example WHAT- I want to lose 10kg and have more toned slender arms and a flatter stomach WHY – so I can improve my self confidence, feel and function better and prove to myself I can achieve what ever I put my mind too. Asking yourself WHY can provide greater substance when in pursuit of your goals, when you’re having a day of low motivation remembering WHY can go along way in regards to goal acquisition.

Find yourself a personal trainer who has a proven track record backed up with experience.
I know what you’re thinking it may sound expensive but the truth is it pays off in the long run and them some as it can be the ultimate tool when your lacking motivation or struggling with results. The concept alone of having a personal trainer creates dual accountability, meaning you’re not just making an appointment with yourself it’s also with your trainer that has the same common goal as you do ultimately resulting in increased consistency in your training. Most importantly a good personal trainer will be able to match your goals with the correct prescription and provide enough exercise variety so it doesn’t feel like ground hog day every time you turn up to train.

So simple but so effective – purchasing functional and ascetically pleasing active wear to suit the season like l’urv can be like an instant hit of motivation.New active wear can help you feel and function better whilst exercising and is a great way to reward yourself for the investment you are making into your health.

FoxFit Fitness For Females is a fitness service tailored specifically for Women. Ultimate Female Fitness . We acknowledge and understand that one size does not fit all ensuring our approach evolves as you evolve. Your health is not one dimensional so neither is our approach in catering for all dimensions of your health and well-being.

Tom Hose
Founder / Trainer FoxFit
FoxFit Fitness For Females
Melbourne | 8/91 Tulip Street, Cheltenham, 3192


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