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Special Guest: Girl On The Go

lurv | May 9, 2019

Girl On The Go

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Girl on-the-go: Meet @danibonner

If you are like us you are probably all over Insta, scrolling through the pages of #instafit babes for tips on health, fitness and fashion! We managed to chat to one of our favourites, Dani Bonnor (@danibonnor) after her lifestyle shoot with L’urv to ask her a little bit about what life is like for a #instafit mum on-the-go!

You recently shot L’urv lifestyle with your sister Sam (@sambonner), what are your favourite pieces from the latest collection?

In love with the Frill Me Leggings and Bralette. So feminine. Such a great fit and gorgeous colour.

We love your personal style! What is your go-to workout attire?

Bike pants, crop top and cropped singlet in summer. Leggings with crop top and cropped shirt in winter. I’m all about comfort. I love high waisted bottoms and nothing that digs in. We want to feel comfortable when working out, am I right?

The alarm goes off in the morning, what’s your AM routine?

I wake up super early, have a coffee (or two!) and jump onto my laptop to answer emails and do admin before Ayla wakes up. Once Ayla wakes we go for a walk with our dog Charlie, have breakfast and either go to swimming/or play date/or Ayla comes to work with me!

You look like you have a very busy lifestyle! What does a day in the life of @danibonner look like?

Yes you’re right! We are a busy pair but lately it has been super HECTIC!! I’m juggling wedding planning whilst working loads and motherhood combined. My days are absolutely jam packed with appointments, photo shoots, Ayla and working out when I can.

You obviously love to keep fit and healthy. What is your favourite way to work out?

I’m loving body weight type exercises! I am feeling so strong training this way. I also love the TRX, booty bands and gliders. They’re the reason my core is so strong now after having Ayla. I definitely go through phases with my training. I have to mix up my weeks or I get bored. My sister and I make up workouts for each other and I love going  into a workout not knowing what I’m in for. I’d love to get back into yoga too. I’ve made a pact with myself to allow more time for me. Self care is so important to your overall wellbeing. 

There is so much info out there on what workouts are best for women. In your opinion, what is the most annoying fitness myth?

That weights bulk women!

When you’re busy and on-the-go, what is your go-to meal? 

A jam packed smoothie for the win!!!! It contains frozen blueberries, frozen banana, a handful of kale, chia seeds, happy way protein powder, almonds and coconut water or soy milk. Tastes amazing and fills me right up!!

Your little girl Ayla turned 1 not long ago! How has becoming a mother changed your life?

My priorities have certainly changed. Every decision I now make I think about Ayla first. I guess I could say it has made me less selfish. Not in a bad way, we just tend to think bout ourselves before having babies and once you have your baby you suddenly change the way you think and this beautiful tiny baby takes first place in your heart and that just makes my heart overflow just thinking about it! I am more body confident NOW than before I had Ayla. Total love, respect and admiration for the female body! How freaking amazing are we being able to house another life!!!? And on top that off I feel so lucky and proud to be able to feed her for 14 months. I don’t think the core of who I am has changed. I am still ME but I have certainly GROWN! Life is better, more beautiful, more meaningful with my daughter now in it. 


Coffee or Juice?  Coffee

Run, Yoga or Circuit Training?  In order it would be Circuit training, yoga then running (I’m not very good at running haha)

Summer or Winter?  Summer

Sunrise or Sunset? Ah hard one.. i’ll go with Sunrise

Leggings or Bike Pants? Bike Pants

Crop Top or Singlet? Crop Top

In store or online shopping? Online for sure! 

Block Coloured activewear or print? Block colours every time

Quiet night in or a night out dancing? Gimme BOTH



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